The Money Game

The money game is played on all levels. We know the goal is to accumulate cash flow, and stack dough, or else the stackin' is slackin' with the mackin'. In most cases this society conditions us to work for others and not for self. However, the objective is to make money, manage it well and reserve it for a rainy day. Money is to be utilized for the things we need. But sometimes it's hard for some of us to maintain a decent amount of cash flow. We all need money for hard times, emergencies, or for leisure. The money game is a game we all play but, sometimes we let it play us. Here’s what the Crown Royal Boss manual talks about when it comes to the art of the money game. Here's what you must know. It's time to reverse the old ways of thinking when it comes to handling your cash, We know Bosses know the art of making money, but the art of managing, and handling that dough is the key to never being broke. Money is to be used wisely, Whether one is  investing in a business or investing in the stock market there is more than one way to play the money game. If money is not making money then the money game is not being played. As Bosses we already know nothing is easy especially in the money game. It just requires a bit of management for mastery not unlike being a Boss.