The Boss Manual - Street Smarts 101:

From the streets to the board room suites, what I teach as a business coach and a former mack of all trades is real-life experiences, which is the best teacher in my opinion. I come from the school of hard knocks where I once lived the fast life, but no longer do. Now I write about it to share my insights with others who can learn from the realities of street life. As I talk about street smarts and survival techniques I will share more on it in the near future. Street smarts and how to beware of the booby traps in our society that can set you back. I’ve seen so many young people fall victim to these ghetto streets and I mean Portland because we don't have ghettos but the streets in some places are. As I mentioned before, as a former mack of all trades I want to use this platform to help others. In the coming months, I will be providing tips and advice for survival techniques on our mean streets.