Street Smarts 101: BLM

As I see many of my young brothers and sisters in the streets protesting today I am concerned for their safety and well being. But I know as an O.G. the struggle before I was born will continue after I am gone, and until there is some reform, equality, and peace. I remember the days when we governed ourselves by settling our own disputes and differences. We knew the odds were stacked against us and how the game was played. We knew how the family structure was disconnected; it didn't just start today; this is our history. The system of slavery has been replaced for the plantation of miseducation and information. It is the same system that destroys family values and respect that many had for one another but lost. Why is it easy that one can forgive others, but can not forgive family? The question often asked is where is the unity which seems to be a thing of the past? We all know the answer to that, when there is no respect there can be no loyalty or unity without loyalty to each other, which leads me back to my point I made in the beginning pertaining to the protest. First I want those who are out there to please be aware of your surroundings and know that the streets are a savage beast, without a strategic plan it is like open season on the streets and everyone is out for themselves. If you don't know who's who then it's an open door policy allowing anyone to disrupt and discredit what your true mission is. Never reveal your plan and stay safe.