Product Review

The art of grooming has always been to take good care of one's appearance by keeping it polished—like a mechanic paying attention to the details, so does the parts of our body, (the hair, skin and nails), we can't take these for granted, (and as men, we sure can't deny our facial hair). Whatever one chooses to have a clean shave look or keeping it trimmed, it's your style preference. What all men have in common is the rites of passage boys coming into manhood and the rituals of learning the art of shaving, but with so much stuff out there flooding the markets, and with misinformation about what tools to use, I will say it's about knowing what is appropriate for you. Everybody's skin type is different and this is why we need more focus on the subject of grooming. 

This is a short review of my recommendation on a shaving tool I approve of or used. Before sharing my new experience, I must say my past experience hasn't always been an easy one. Back in the day, I used a single blade for my skin type, and this blade was poorly-developed. Nowadays, companies are producing quality blades to choose from, especially for those who have sensitive and darker skin (like myself). People like me are more prone to developing ingrown hairs, so when I discovered a company called Bevel Razors, I have to say it's the "Boss". They introduced a better single razor blade. I highly recommend to anyone who's shared a similar experience to consider Bevel Single Blade. As for any shaving products if you do use them I would suggest checking out one of my favorites, such as Jack Black's The Supreme Cream, with it's proven moisturization of soothing dry and sensitive skin.