Most people will use currency one way or another for personal or for business. However, money is a tool to be used and not abused, like many it was something I had to learn later in life, ( it wasn't taught in my household, and as someone living in the fast lane money came fast and went quickly as soon as I got it. But as I've got older and wiser I may have learned from past mistakes but the effects of those years of not making the right moves can be costly. I know because I lived it and know others who experience it as well. When the creditors come and care less about you or the situation the pandemic caused you to be in ) It's all about the money game and the fact that one didn't have any financial training as part of growing up is not to be ashamed of either. The golden Rules make the dough... stack it, invest it, and some ) for hard times like today. Here's my advice the younger you are the better and with technology, in your favor, you can manage your money a lot easy than let's say 20 years ago. A budget ( what's that's ) It was something I use to say but now I'm sharing some real game if you don't start now then who to blame) all it is a system to keep track of what's coming in and going out. And to help you stay on top of monthly expenses. The Crown Royal Boss