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About Us

As the founder and publisher, I have always aspired to be great at what I do, be a Boss myself and a leader by example. As a business advisor, and an inspirational writer, I have developed three guiding principles that I have incorporated into personal wellbeing and the business tailored to my lifestyle. Crown Royal Boss follows three ideals: Create, Innovate, Elevate.


Creation starts in the mind, using ideas and manifestations to create our own truth. These ideas become reality when to expand our thoughts into daily life. For example, inspirational thoughts that inspire success.


Innovation is where we promote the contemporary mindset, learn new ways to adapt to change and to how to create opportunities. The Crown Royal Boss is an ingenious platform used to acquire new perspectives through the art of storytelling. The reader uses CRB as a resource to introduce new ideas for self improvement, and transform both personally and in business.  


Elevation takes the individual to the next level, as it requires the mind, body and the soul to be the whole goal. Elevation has no limit to what the mind conceives it can achieve, but the effort is to make it, never fake it. Elevation is to take the game to the next level of its destination.   

A Note From The Publisher:

Thanks to all who read the Crown Royal Boss magazine, and for those who don’t know ME, my name is William Robinson. I'm a businessman who owned several businesses before launching Crown Royal Boss. I was a designer, model, and image consultant for more than 10 years. I believe it is my obligation to connect with the next generation of bosses, the Millennials who are behind my Generation-X. As a consultant writer, my aim is to use this platform to make a positive impact. This is one of my ways of giving back by sharing knowledge and valuable content on how to elevate ourselves. I do believe in finding solutions when it comes to my specialty. As a consultant who specializes in the art of grooming, and styles for business success, I understand the importance of looking and acting the part. My intention is to be real and honest on every topic because my hope is to spare others from making the same mistakes I made in the business game. I write based on my life experiences and I’m hoping the next generation of entrepreneur-bosses can learn from my successes and failures as well.

Let’s keep inspiring each other, Crown Royal Boss style.

W. Robinson

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